List of Passed out trainees

Trainees Passed Out in 2022

Trainees-Passed-Out-in-2022-NCVT AND SCVT

Trainees Passed Out in 2021
Passed out Trainee Data 2021 NCVT and SCVT

Trainees Passed Out in 2020
Passed out Trainee Data 2020 -ncvt

PassOut data 2020 -scvt

Trainees Passed Out in 2019
NCVT: Carpenter,COPA ,MechanicDiesel, Fitter, Electronics Mechanic, Electrician, Sewing Technology ,Wlder
SCVT: Wireman, Plumber

Trainees Passed Out in 2018
NCVT: Carpenter  COPA Electrician Electronics Mechanic Fitter Mechanic Diesel Sewing Technology Welder                                       
SCVT: Wireman                      COE: COE Advance  SHORT TERM COURSE:

Trainees Passed Out in 2017
NCVT: Carpenter,COPA,Electrician,Electronics Mechanic,Fitter,Mechanic Diesel,Sewing Technology,Welder
SCVT: Plumber,Wireman COE:COE          SHORT TERM COURSE:DCM-2017

Trainees Passed Out in 2016 
NCVT TradesElectronics Mechanic Electrician Fitter Carpenter Mechanic Diesel COPA Welder Sewing Technology         
SCVT Trades: Wireman Plumber      Hospitality Management(COE): HM BBBT   COE Advance  Short Term Course: Driver Cum Mechanic